Meet Countess Streppoch Batty'Bat the Prurient, of the Guk server. She's my main character in EverQuest 2, and without a doubt my most beloved toon from any MMO I've ever played. I started her in the beginning of 2006, and I've logged almost 124 total playtime days (total hours played) with her.

Yes, that's a pet Bat on A String over her right shoulder. And although they don't show up at all well in this paperdoll image, those are bat wings on her back; it's actually my mount—I can fly around WITH MY BAT WINGS. Best game ever. Oh, and she's a vampire; so I guess with that hat, technically she's a Vampirate at the moment. =D


She's the Bruiser class, which is basically a DPS (damage per second) and leather-wearing tank mashup. I love her to bits because she's an amazing solo toon; she has an ability called "Feign Death", which means if she's being attacked, she can flop to the ground and play dead and NPC's will immediately stop attacking her. Between that skill and invisibility potions, there are very few places in Norrath (the world of EQ2) that she can't explore and survive. She also seriously kicks butt on her own as well.

I have a LOT of alts; you can have bunches in EQ2. Weirdly enough, though—when I play Strep, if I'm talking to guildmates or whatever, or even in my head—I think of her as "I" or "me". Whenever I'm on an alt, however (most of which I haven't played nearly as long as Strep), I always think of them as "she". I have such an affinity for and with her, that I identify with her as me; the other toons are just that—other toons. I don't see them as an extension of myself into the game like I do with Strep.

I love playing her—I love the sense of adventure and strength I have with her. She never has a bad hair day; she never has any aches or pains or anything. She can run forever without getting tired, and beat up things that outlevel her. She can explore. She's also a Carpenter, so she can make items with which I can decorate my multiple houses.


She's maxxed out in both her adventure and crafting levels, but the wonderful thing about EQ2 is that there's always something to do. I still have thousands of quests left to complete, and about 20 houses to decorate; I'm never bored.

I've tried a lot of MMO's—most of the new ones to come down the pike since I started playing EQ2 in 2006—but I always, always, always return back to Strep. She's the perfect character for me, and I'll always love playing her—and being her in my head—no matter what.