I've never been a Star Trek fan, but "In Search Of..." was HUGELY influential for me when I was a kid; it encouraged my growing fascination with all things weird, mysterious, monstery, spooky, mythological, and occult. I am the Fortean I am today much in part to that show. RIP, Mr. Nimoy. » 2/27/15 10:13am Friday 10:13am

Eh. I don't see myself buying any sort of these (if I did, it would be Android, not Apple). My watch does exactly what it says on the tin, and I'm happy with that. Got my phone for androidy stuff when I'm out of the house, got my iPod for my music, and my tablet for at-home things. I don't think I need to add a… » 2/17/15 8:15pm 2/17/15 8:15pm